Need just the right words? I am eager to craft them for you!

 The thought of naming your child can add so much pressure to an occasion that should be marked 

with joy and excitement. Let me help ease some of that! Get started here.


You have an exciting business idea and are ready to make it happen, but you just can’t think of a name.

Maybe the chore of naming it is sucking the fun out of  the whole venture entirely. I’m here to help!

Get started here.


With a BA in Creative Writing, I have spent years doing just that in every

personal form I can, from my own blogs to in-depth essays for social media.

If you need essays for publication, blog content, emails, web pages, YouTube descriptions, or even 

something not listed here, contact me to describe your project and request a quote.

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A fantastic product needs fantastic copy. With 10 years of experience selling thousands of my own

products, in addition to a BA in Creative Writing, I know what information buyers need to make 

a confident purchase. If you need product descriptions, newsletters, ads, or even something not 

listed here, contact me to describe your project and request a quote.

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Poetry is close to my heart, and I released my first collection in 2019. In addition, I have sold thousands 

of copies of one of my poems for inclusion in a popular subscription box. 

If you are looking for a custom poem for a special occasion, a meaningful gift, or just 

some encouragement for yourself, I am happy to offer poems on demand. 

See several custom poems in that highlight on Instagram.

Purchase your own custom poem here.


Even the best writing loses its power if there are grammatical errors and typos.

After five years of proofreading a variety of text and trade books and editing thirty-five

novels, self-help, and trade books (see many of them here), I am ready to bring my obsession with correct 

grammar to your finished work for the best version possible, armed with The Chicago Manual of Style.

I am also passionate about indexes, if you need assistance with such a task.

Contact me to describe your project and request a quote. 


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