Meeting Me: Poems of Hope, Truth, and Transformation | available here | see excerpts here

"I'm genuinely amazed how many of these poems speak to me on a personal and spiritual level."


"I thought they were really great... they kept my attention, I enjoyed them and I’m usually not a huge fan of poems!"


"This is going to not only bring joy to people's lives but it will also bring a sense of hope and a source of reason to find your own voice in the depths of an overwhelmingly dark and corrupted world."


"I'm an introvert, so I think what I connected to most in these collection of poems is the stirring of truth, and boldness and speaking your mind. I felt as if, when reading them, that apart of myself was getting braver. They are some of the things I should have done, need to do, wish I'd said etc."



"...These are all diverse thoughts & things no-one knows about me and if they read my mind this is what I'd imagine them to start reading."


"I think this will be an amazing book to take one or two poems each day to enjoy or if people love poems, they might be able to get through it really fast... awesome work!"