11-29-18 | New Scripture-Inspired Jewelry

It's a big time of year for Hamrick Avenue, as I've definitely made up for the lack of new releases earlier this year (due to moving) over the past month and a half!

The last release for 2018 has come to Hamrick Avenue and is a small but meaningful addition to the Evidence Collection!

"Stars By Name" Necklace

The Evidence Collection features simple jewelry pieces inspired by Scripture, and there are six new pieces now in the collection.

"Rivers in the Desert"

 Each piece comes displayed on a small print of its inspiration verse, making it perfect for gift-giving.

"Rock That Is Higher Than I"

I think this is one of my favorites, aka "The Empty Cage." <3


I decided to go with this statement earring take on Isaiah 40:26 in addition to the the minimalist necklace above. The best of both worlds!

"Stars by Name" Earrings

Be sure to check out all the new pieces, in addition to the rest of the designs already in the Evidence Collection, at HamrickAvenue.com!

"Unto the Hills"

11-14-18 | Help Serena Heal

I am so excited to share that there's a new necklace at Hamrick Avenue with a very special purpose!


70% of the proceeds of this necklace goes toward my dear friend Serena Hockey's daily and monthly expenses as she has found a (unfortunately expensive) place that her currently extremely sensitive body reacts minimally to. Being in a stable place is vital for her as she begins to heal from severe, debilitating chronic illnesses. 


I am thrilled to be able to support her in this way, with a necklace inspired by her deep faith and one of her favorite Scripture passages--this one stood out to me to choose for her as she has been facing where in the world, literally, is best for her to go. 


When you purchase this piece, you are supporting not only a small business but also a suffering sister in her time of need. If you would like to learn more about Serena and donate to her, please visit here. Thank you so much for taking a look and considering helping Serena in this way! Shop the necklace here.

11-8-18 | New Decor at Hamrick Avenue

There's 11 new designs at the Streetlights at Midnight line at Hamrick Avenue! Each print features an original design and is available in a 5x7" and 8x10".

You can view all 11 designs at HamrickAvenue.com. Also, be sure to follow @hamrickavenue on Instagram so you don't miss the new Freebie Friday feature starting this week! Free shareable versions of these designs will be shared over there and available to screenshot for a limited time.