7-11-18 | Welcome to Hamrick Avenue

If you've been around my blogs, social media, or this site for a while you know about my two small businesses: Katya Valera and Streetlights at Midnight. I am thrilled to announce that they have now combined into a new home at Hamrick Avenue! I am so excited for all of my designs to now be available in one place, a place whose name is very special to me and which offers lots of room for new items and new collections.

You'll still find Katya Valera jewelry and Streetlights at Midnight prints, cards, and more under their respective lines in the shop, but now there's room for lots of potential!

Be sure to check out the new shop at HamrickAvenue.etsy.com and follow on Instagram and Facebook for a new era in this business! I'm eager to share more on those sites about the meaning of the name, and also be more active with sharing the person behind the business and what drives my passion for these items I offer.

If you've supported Katya Valera and Streetlights at Midnight in the past, I hope you'll support Hamrick Avenue--and if you're new to any of them, welcome!