12-1-17 | The Dream Plan Ebook - Now Available for Preorder!

I tried to warn you that you never know what I'm going to come up with next. Today, my first Ebook, The Dream Plan, is available for preorder!

If Ebooks could have back covers, here's what The Dream Plan's would say:

"Dream it. Prove it. Do It. That’s the premise of The Dream Plan. It’s simple, really. But sometimes the most mind-blowing things are the most simple, and we just need to hear them from someone else. Behold: The Dream Plan--a resource-filled, mind-blowing no-brainer guide to introducing your dreams to reality."

The purpose of this 43-page Ebook is not to tell you what your dreams are, or to give you suggestions of what to dream, or even to tell you the actual, individual, concrete steps to reaching your particular dreams. The purpose is rather to help you prove to yourself that those dreams can, in fact, be turned into reality and then to help you make a definite, achievable plan of action to do just that. Inside you'll find:
  • Chapters devoted to breaking down the barriers inhibiting you from making your dreams happen
  • The Plan--a simple and straightforward approach to making things happen
  • In-depth and condensed instructions for The Plan
  • 10 motivation printables spread throughout, ready to print and trim to 8x10"
  • Intention Cards ready to print and remind you that you can. do. this.
  • Even more tools to keep you encouraged and motivated on your journey

Trust me, this is more than an ebook. I don't just wax eloquent on the fact that you can indeed make your dreams happen. I arm you with tool after tool to help you very practically do just that—plus more tools to continually remind you that you can!

Plus, thanks to this publication being in digital form, you can print the many pages of tools as often as you like, forever!

The Ebook will release on December 8th. Preordering gets it for you at half the price, PLUS you'll also receive the 8x10" "Key to Living Your Dreams" printable inspired by the Ebook that's not even available in the shop yet!

Preorder now right here at Streetlights at Midnight.