10-12-17 | New Me, New Website, New Blog

Welcome to my website! Here you'll be able to keep up with the latest developments in all of my creative endeavors (and there are a lot of them...): my new blog, The Hope Is Real; my two small businesses, Katya Valera, and Streetlights at Midnight; and my music. And anything else that my creativity insists on producing. It can be pretty insistent. ;)

And yes, I said "new blog"! If you've been keeping up with me at all on social media this year, you've doubtless noticed that life has transformed lately. So it's only fitting that new me = new blog. Be sure to check it out and learn more about what you can expect over there. 

I hope you'll have a look around and check back now and then to see the latest developments. You can also follow by email (sign up at the bottom of this page) and follow on social media here: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube